I specialize capturing and documenting the myriad of stunning moments in our journeys through life. These moments can be marked through portraiture, special events like parties and celebrations, sporting events or simply life.

I have been an avid photo-taker for all my life, starting with my father's Kodak Retina II film camera, and later Minolta SLR. About 10 years ago, I shifted from simply taking photos to learning about the actual crafting of a wonderful photo. This led to many courses, seminars and conferences that provided a mixture of classroom and hands-on training. This training continues to this day with constant learning through national schools, conferences and seminars as well a regularly reading on technique.

Prior to immersion in the artistic and technical world of photography, I earned Bachelor degrees in Philosophy as well as Electrical Engineering. For many, this seemed like an odd mix, but for me the two degrees nurtured my soul. The engineering life was a creative and technical goal-driven world, while the philosophy life was an open universe of possibility and creativity. Much of my professional career has been in graphics processor design for several different technology companies, building everything from multi-million dollar graphics supercomputers to console gaming systems. In the end, my career shifted because of desire to create images that lasted and truly mattered.

Photography represents a mix of science and artistic aesthetic that I find energizing; both the capturing and crafting of an image that freezes a moment in time. Ultimately, this art-form mirrors my education. How to find or create lighting conditions to create a look is one part science and one part magic. Deciding what story you want to tell, and the scenario you want to create, that is more like philosophy.

Moments in our life never come again, but a quality image helps keep the memory of that time alive forever. Whether a special event, or an ordinary day, extraordinary moments happen and can become a cherished treasure. It would be my honor and privilege to be part of your life and create stunning images for you to remember these moments.

Greensboro Portrait Bar Mitzvah Bat Mitzvah Sports Photographer